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Meet Nyajuok

Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Nurse, Mom and Motivational Speaker

The biggest adventure

you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

 ~Oprah Winfrey

From the war-torn country of South Sudan, Africa, Nyajuok grew up between two refugee camps in Ethiopia, where she faced many cultural norms and practices that deprived her rights as a child by international law. Against all odds, Nyajuok overcame these obstacles, put herself through college, and commissioned in the United States Army as a Nurse. Nyajuok’s dream is to impact lives, bring hope, healing, and transformation by empowering, inspiring, and motivating others to live their own life and dream big despite their environment.

After medically retiring from the Army through the Wounded Warrior Battalion (WTB) due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Nyajuok threw herself into serving South Sudanese women by launching ROSS Girls Break the Silence, LLC. A non-profit organization that provides mentorship to women worldwide, connects individuals with mental health counselors in their communities, delivers community education using social media, and encourages others to speak up about their past traumas to promote healing. 

As a single mother, Nyajuok worked tirelessly to become debt-free and build financial wealth, which quickly gained national and international attention.  She was featured on Good Morning America, local ABC televisions, CNBC, The Epoch Times, and the Dave Ramsey Solution. 

In June 2022, Nyajouk and her editor/business partner Kamille Thomas, along with their team, embarked on a six-country book tour in East Africa, promoting her highly sought-after and popular book, "I Am My Mother's Wildest Dream," while advocating to end child marriages, forced marriages, and gender-based violence. She is also advocating for girl child education in South Sudanese communities all over the world. 

Nya Porch.jpeg

Nyajuok Tongyik

In July 2022, Nyajuok and Kamille co-founded I Am NyaTongyik Foundation, a Texas-based, 501 (c)3 non-profit organization to help South Sudanese communities in the diaspora receive mental health counseling, medical, and legal assistance to help heal long-existing trauma wounds. A scholarship fund was also established to assist young South Sudanese to continue their education when facing financial hardships. 

In September 2022, I Am NyaTongyik Foundation, a Juba, South Sudan-based Non-Governmental Organization was established to address the needs of the south Sudanese community in South Sudan. Since its inception, the Co-Founders have traveled to South Sudan under two separate programs funded by the UNFPA to advocate for ending gender-based violence, early child marriages, and forced marriages. They have met with community leaders, Village Chiefs, government officials, educators, parents, and students to create awareness of the harmful practices and to  motivate them to fight for change. 

Their current Juba, South Sudan-based GBV Prevention program, in partnership with UNFPA, SAADO, Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare, and The Global Fund is called, Level Up Ladies! This program addresses GBV from various cultural perspectives. They promote the importance of Family Planning, STI prevention, Financial Literacy, while also teaching a "Self" Series and mentorship program. They will be in Juba until 31 March 2023. 

Their vision is to empower others to succeed despite adversity and inspire people to speak up against cultural norms that were put in place to silence women. They coach others on becoming debt-free and teach entrepreneurship using strategies and methods they implemented to grow their own businesses and develop themselves as leaders.

Enough about the what...who am I?

Nya Family.jpeg

I am a mother to three beautiful children; Marnaa, Muoch, and Mobassi

I am a retired Army Veteran.
I did what few thought I could.

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Nya NY BW.jpeg
Nya Teal Nurse.jpeg
Nya Beach.jpeg

I am a traveling nurse on a mission to help save the lives of all who come under my care.

I am an avid traveler with an appreciation of life! I don't take anything for granted; I am  grateful for each day God has gifted me.

I am the girl next door. I am a girl's best friend. I am complex. I am multifaceted, but one thing is for sure; I love to have fun!


I am hope
I am love
I am truth
I am faith
I am beauty
I am strength
I am resilience
I am creativity
I am intelligence
I am perseverance
I am determination 
I am a dream come true
I am NyajuokTongyik Doluony

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