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Click below to help us support victims receive the support, education, and resources they deserve.

ROSS Girls Breaking the Silence is a Nonprofit organization birthed from the loud cries of over 4,000 South Sudanese girls and women from around the world who have came forward about their own sexual trauma in various ways, and have begun to own their stories.


Together we recognize patterns and seek ways to positively impact and change some of our cultural and traditional practices in our South Sudanese communities.


Together, Republic of South Sudan (ROSS) Girls are “Breaking the Silence."


Together we will rise.


As a group of survivors, we have banded together to raise awareness about the physical and sexual abuses that rampaging our communities.


We must break the silence, to break the cycle.


Our mothers' generation, the generation before them and the generations passed, have always stated “My daughter will make a difference,” for they weren’t allowed to have an opinion. Today we have an opinion not because we are allowed, but because we are tired.


Attacking these problems is uniquely difficult due to our cultural norms and practices. We, the victims, are silenced and aren't permitted to talk about our experiences because we are responsible for preventing community and family shame. We would like to break these damaging and unrealistic expectations, and help create a space for recovery, resilience and restoration. Our goal is to educate our communities and find and/or create resources for South Sudanese women to get the help that we need so we can recover from our traumas.


The silencing of victims, and the stigma, worsened by lack of education, and has resulted severe depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD because victims cannot receive the proper medical or mental health assistance they so desperately need.

This organization and it resources support the victims and the community at large through education about the prevalence of sexual assault, individual and/or group therapy, legal fees, hospital bill assistance, and so much more.


Services will be offered at NO cost to the victims.


We have a clear vision for a safe future where justice and education exists for all South Sudanese women. Through our efforts, we also hope to drastically reduce the number of sexual assaults that occur in our community.


Join us on our road to recovery. Help us educate our community. Help us redefine our cultural and traditional norms by reinforcing moral values, and implementing a foundation and structures that fosters freedom, integrity, education, personal responsibility and ethics.

Together we will rise.

Together we're survivors.

Join us in our movement...Together.

Ross Girls, Breaking the Silence.

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