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All Leaders Are Readers!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

In 2021, I wish for all my friends to be book lovers because I know what reading will do for their mindset.

One of my friends once said he doesn't enjoy reading because he doesn't want another man telling him what to do. My response was, "All leaders are readers!"

If you want to lead anyone, especially your family, be keen on others' council, especially the biographies and philosophies of the great minds before us.

Whatever your interest is, read up on it, get good at it, and help others seek the same understanding. All skill sets and talents are needed to flourish as a society. It doesn't matter what your talent is; I promise you, someone needs your guidance. Spiritually, we are all one body with different functions; this is biblical.

"Bloom where you are planted!", is a term I used to hear a lot in the military and I used to roll my eyes and think it was a way to keep young Officers from dreaming big. Now, it's my motto because I understand you can't help someone unless you help yourself first.

Be great at what you are passionate about. No need to be arrogant.

This is my council for you: Read up in 2021!

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