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Do You Believe in Luck?

Is Luck, the Law of Attraction, and Faith all in the same? If you have followed me on social media for a day or two, you know that I believe in the Law of Attraction, and my Faith in myself and things to come is unwavering. I do not believe in luck; however, according to the definition, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, which I know to be true. So what does this mean for you and me? First, it means we need to be in a constant state of practice of those we are pursuing without wavering. I hardly write about South Sudan politics, but I will mention something that I believe to be worthy of mentioning today. I was honored to attend a zoom meeting with African Women Lobbyists (AWL) yesterday. I learned that the South Sudan Constitution allows 35% of government positions for female representatives. But, unfortunately, I can tell you; our counterparts do not believe we have enough qualified females to do these jobs, and they might be right! Sisters, 35% is not a small number of representatives. If we place the right women in these positions, we can positively impact the country's future toward women's equality for South Sudan. Grant it, our country is not stable now, but what are we doing to make sure we are ready when that opportunity comes? Please reflect on the definition of Luck vs. the Law of Attraction vs. Faith. We can not continue idling and thinking we will prepare once the opportunity presents itself; we have to prepare for the chance now. Suppose you have prepared yourself, doing what you need to do to be what you want to be. In that case, when the opportunity happens, you might think it's just luck, but what is happening is opportunity meeting preparation, and it seems like something so random that it has to be luck. So it is the Law of Attraction coupled with your Faith and persistence. I am 100% positive, if we become strategic and intentional about who needs to hold those positions 5 or 10 years from now, we could have the right people advocating for our rights in education, socioeconomics, and without a doubt, women suffering in South Sudan could end. But, unfortunately, South Sudan men will not do it for us. So let's use our positions wisely. By Nyajuok Tongyik

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