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Positive Words of Affirmation Proven to Help with Self-Esteem and Boost Confidence.

For the last two years, I have listed to Alana Foxx "Powerful Morning Affirmation" every day on my way to works. It made a massive difference in my life. I notice myself smiling while repeating this affirmation back to myself. I want to share that with you.

As I mentioned in many of my posts, the human mind is one of the most powerful tools we have access to. WE ARE WHAT WE THINK. WHAT WE THINK, WE BECOME!

The words " I AM" are yours and yours only. No one else can say "I AM" for you. These two little words possess the most incredible life-altering power of any other world in the world. I challenge you to become more conscious of your thoughts, speak and act from a place of love, positively, and watch your life change.

These "I am" affirmations will help with self-image and confidence. After you read each affirmation, I want you to repeat the affirmation back to yourself, out loud, in your head, or write it down on a piece of paper. Do this every morning for 21 days in a row. It will create a habit and ultimately change your life.



I am strong

I am energetic

I am powerful

I am love


I am motivated

I am dedicated

I am confident

I am fearless

I am taking action today

I am powerful

I am beautiful

I am loving

I am kind

I am balanced

I am positive

I am peaceful

I am freedom

I am wise

I am relax

I am calm

I am brilliant

I am magnificent

I am a genius

I am elegant

I am respected

I am honest

I am courageous

I am respectful

I am educated


I am in love with who I am right now

I am an amazing person

I am likable

I am loveable