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What Are You Grateful For?

Danny Gokey, a Christian artist, wrote a song that has resonated with my thoughts since returning from New York City a week ago.

In his song "Love God Love People," he said when you get caught in the rush of doing so much more and feeling kinda worn out, keep it real simple. Bring everything right back to ground zero because it all comes down to this, "Love God & Love People."

What a beautiful reminder that the basis of our hearts is love. Loving one another shows in our actions and how we relate with one another on the streets and in our homes. I had lots of love poured into my life during my time in NYC. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the following individuals who ultimately made the eight weeks I spent away from my family worth it.

Elizabeth Arjok, Nyaken Lieth, Gatluak B.Ramdiet, Pete Rogina, and Gavin Morgan, thank you for your hospitality. The food, the scenery, and the conversations we had are worth more than I can express.

If I could point out one single event that summarizes my time in NYC, it's the view and the food, especially in Hoboken, NJ, across from the Hudson River, looking at all of Manhattan, NY, during a sunset. It was priceless!!

I had a great time, met great friends, saw great scenery, and made memories of a lifetime.

This experience is why people are my favorite things about being a human being. I love to connect and listen to other's stories. In this moment, I am grateful for meeting the amazing people God put in my path. My life is forever changed for having met them.

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