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Where Do You Carry Stress?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

When you are stressed out, where do you feel it the most in your body?

When I was in Intensive Outpatient Therapy in the Army, I learned that my stress manifests in my stomach, throat, and chest.

For example, during the class, the first question our therapist asked in the morning was, "how are you feeling today?" The answer wasn't to give a simple reply such as "I'm good" or "I'm Ok," it was a reflective question that made us think, scan our bodies, and identify what was happening in our lives.

If we were honest, you could always tell what was going on in someone's life by the way they were describing their feelings.

They might say something like, I am angry; I am fearful; I am disappointed, and so forth.

After this discussion, we meditate for a while to quiet our minds and align our bodies with our spirits.

This was always my favorite time. Meditations quickly became my favorite thing.

Today, I am stressed out. I can feel it in my stomach. Today, I will meditate for a little bit longer. Today, I am back in session.

Where do you feel your stress? If you are in a safe place, close your eyes and shift your attention to that area until you feel it dissipate.


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